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South Riding Center for The Arts

Our unique art programs and arts curriculum  teaching methods are FUN and highly developmental for all children ages 2 to teens.  Here is a link to a recent article from PBS about The Importance of Art in Child Development


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Performance Arts



Want to be more creative? Strengthen your listening and speaking skills? Think faster on your feet? Have fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you. During this workshop, you will learn the basics of improv by participating in creative improv games to build your confidence on and off stage. This is a great interactive and entertaining class for everyone!


Introduction to Public Speaking Workshop

The Public Speaking Workshop teaching our students to learn by doing.  We teach techniques, but  we emphasize application.  Our public speaking workshop teaches:  vocal variety, articulation, voice projection, techniques to overcome anxiety, organization skills and critical thinking skills.


Public Speaking 2 & 3

Prerequisite for this class is Introduction to Public Speaking Workshop.  In Public Speaking 2 & 3 workshops students continue with more advanced training and learn more advanced forms of speech.  This course allows kids to develop competitive strategies to strengthen their debating skills.  Techniques taught will not only improve their speaking but will grow their communication and analytical skills as well.


Visual Arts 

Our techniques remove the fear of failure that can block creative expression. We offer a safe classroom environment where mistakes are not an issue, they are an opportunity. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to new levels. Our techniques and support help remove obstacles to creativity so that students can experience their own potential. Once this happens students can finally unleash and tap into their inner creativity. Students succeed in creating art work beyond their imagination--- in their very first class. This success allows their confidence to soar. Many educators and parents find the attitude of success, instead of fear of failure, spills over into their school work and home life.

An afterschool art class where students of all ages HAVE FUN and learn to draw. By using our simple drawing method and weekly format certified instructors help students create original works of art beyond what they thought possible. We are a drawing based program, complimented with artistic projects and curriculum that never repeat from age 2-18. We offer exposure to many mediums over the course of a student’s education. Exposure to multi cultural curriculum because we are in many countries

Our classrooms offer:

  • a nurturing, safe,  non competitive environment
  • easy-to-learn drawing techniques that bring ideas to life.
  • A no mistake philosophy that allows students to take risks and think outside the box.
  • age appropriate, safe, professional-level fine art supplies and materials
  • training in how to creatively express yourself through art
  • activities that promote problem solving skill development
  • focus exercises
  • techniques to relax through art


Paint on Canvas is Fun!

Our paint on Casvas  is a after school camp offers a FUN diverse arts curriculum geared to toward exercise imaginations, and painting without fear for Ages  2-14.  We provide all the supplies and all the fun!


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