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STEM Camps  for Level 1 -  Included in after school tuition at no additional cost to parents.

Science of Bubbleology   

Children will explore how bubbles behave and investigate the properties of different materials as they engineer all kinds of bubbles. This unit will introduce students to the concept of surface tension and soap molecules.  Students answer questions such as what makes water “wetter”?  How can we make water stretchy? The unit wraps up with a Bubble Bonanza Showcase where children demonstrate their best bubble solutions to friends, family, and the community.  Children will also get to take home a ‘reusable bubble’

Sample Projects: Giganic Bubbles, Polygon Shape Bubbles, Bubble Castles, Trumpet Bubbles,  Kid-in-a-Bubble, Reusable Bubble, and more ...


Jr. Chemist

Sample Projects: Invisible Ink, Funny Putty, Magic Bubble Paint, Make your own Chewing Gum, and more ...


Toy Maker Workshop   

Students construct and take home several different toy projects during the week.

Sample Projects:  Pocket Rocket, Spongeball Slingshot, Marshmallow Shooter, Snap Circuit Board, and more ...


Jr. Scientist

Several hands-on activities your child will explore the basic scientific ideas that play a role in everyday life.

Sample Projects: Rocketry, Glowing Firefly, Edible Oceans, Marshmallow Catapults, Growing Radish Head, and Beeswax Candle.


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